How to choose and maintain Norwex kitchen cloth

Norwex has several options of kitchen cloths. Each option has a different and unique purpose.  Those kitchen cloths will change your kitchen. They will help you to make your kitchen cleaner. Do you want to know more about each Norwex kitchen cloth? Keep reading and you will find information that you need.

These are several options of Norwex cloths:

Kitchen Scrub Cloth

This cloth is very great for washing pans and pots that need a bit extra power for scrubbing. But, it is safe for the surfaces of Teflon®. You can use it for washing your Teflon® without worrying the scratch. This cloth is supported for using with soap.

Dish Cloth

This Norwex kitchen cloth is much loved for everyone who loves to bake. It is loosely-woven and netted. This cloth is very great for taking away flour dough or hot substance after baking from your countertops.

BacLock™ Kitchen Cloth Set

This is truly loved by many women. This Norwex kitchen cloth set is usually near the sink.  It is ready for washing the flat top of the stove or cleaning up any spills. It can shine granite countertops. It is very great option if you have granite countertop. Your granite countertop will shine beautifully and dry quickly. This cloth should not be used for washing the dishes.

All-Purpose Kitchen Cloth

This Norwex kitchen cloth is great for very greasy project, including the hood of the stove. But, this cloth is not BacLock™. It is awesome for cleaning grease and oil. It is gray, so some people call it as grey-grease cloth. It is very great cloth for greasy pots and pans, stove, rangehood, oven, and BBQ. The usual kitchen cloth also can do a good job for normal grease (for example the ketchup grease on your dining table), but the all-purpose one is very great for more serious grease. With all-purpose cloth, you can clean the rangehood and BBQ. This kitchen cloth does not contain silver. You should wash it a lot more often if you want to use it as your daily cloth.

If you have kitchen cloth, you must maintain it well. By maintaining it in proper way, you will keep it longer. It means you can save your money. Do you want to know how to maintain your Norwex Kitchen Cloth? It is quite simple. Your cloth may start to smell after a few days of using. Smelly cloth means that there is an increased organic substance within the cloth. You should rinse the cloth after using it or finding it wholly milky on your dining room table. You need to rinse the cloth thoroughly at the end of the day. Sometimes, you need to pour boiling water over the cloth. Wring the cloth out and hang it until dry. Sometimes, let it dry overnight. Do not forget to throw it in the wash weekly. Do not take the cloth with linty loads (for example fluffy cotton towels). Do not use bleach or fabric softener. Visit us at